Tag: The Emerging Church

  • MacIntyre And Church Renewal

    I came across this Alasdair MacIntyre quote not long ago and thought it was a fitting reflection for the much-discussed topic of church renewal. Part of MacIntyre’s point is to say that if a tradition is to overcome its own crisis of knowing, it will be through the revision of its narrative in light of…

  • Remixing Faith in the 21st Century (Barclay Press)

    I’ve posted my June essay on Barclay press if you care to have a read (it’s nice and long!). Here’s and excerpt: This past April Radiohead did another thing that sparked imaginations and challenged the preexisting structures of the music industry, yet again. They setup a website and invited people to remix one of their…

  • An Emerging Profession: Sharing Power In A Flattened World

    Drew Ditzel asked me, along with a number of other bloggers (see below), to participate in a project he is doing for his class on emerging models of church at Columbia Seminary. Drew wants us to write about emerging churches and how they are dealing with leadership – mainly through giving everyone a voice, downplaying…

  • Review: They Like Jesus but Not the Church by Dan Kimball

    Recently, I wrote an review of emerging church leader Dan Kimball’s book “They Like Jesus but Not the Church.” The was for Barclay Press and can be read in its entirety here.

  • Open Anabaptism and a Community of (in)outsiders

    I’ve been meaning to comment on Jarrod McKenna’s thought worthy post which looks at the “Emerging Peace Church Movement” or what he likes to call “Open Anabaptism.”