Emerging Church Resources: A Beginners Reference Guide

When people find out that I am one of Ryan Bolger’s understudies I get asked what I think of the emerging church and frequently what resources are good for people interested in finding out more about the Emerging church. In hopes of making a useful guide I’ve created a small list that is meant as a starting point for ideas, stories and theory about the church in the postmodern world.

Top Five Books for People Interested in Learning about the Emerging Church

  1. Emerging Churches – Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger (the most comprehensive resource on the EC, very readable and very done in a creative format)
  2. Shaping of Things to Come – Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (Offer both theoretical and concrete ideas about models of church that are emerging in the postmodern world)
  3. Out of Bounds Church – Steve Taylor (A short easily accessible book about the emerging church)
  4. A New Kind of Christian – Brian Mclaren (A short story that helps to get at some of these ideas in narrative form)
  5. Church Re-Imagined – Doug Pagitt (A week in the life of the emerging church)

Theoretical Insights for the Emerging Church

  1. Primer on Postmodernism – Stanley Grenz
  2. Generous Orthodoxy – Brian Mclaren
  3. Jesus and Community – Gerhard Lohfink
  4. Jesus and the Victory of God – NT Wright
  5. Transfiguration of Mission – Wilbert Shenk
  6. Practitioners: Voices Within the Emerging Churches – Greg Russinger

A Couple Emerging Church Blogs (some I read and some I don’t)

  1. Alan Creech
  2. Emergent Village
    3. Jordon Cooper
  3. Steve Taylor
  4. Karen Ward
  5. Tony Jones
  6. Open Source Theology
  7. Andrew Jones
    (And anyone else on Ryan’s blog roll)

Online Emerging Church Resources

  1. Alternative Worship is a great site to go to for worship ideas
  2. Barclay Press on Emerging Churches (also see here)
  3. Religion Link offers a list off definitions, emerging church leaders, scholars, websites, etc
  4. Emerging Village – the forerunning community of people

A List of Important Names for the Movement

  1. NT Wright
  2. Brian McLaren
  3. Dallas Willard
  4. Scot McKnight
  5. John Howard Yoder
  6. Stanely Hauerwas
  7. Ryan Bolger
  8. Wilbert Shenk
  9. Elizabeth O’Connor
  10. Nancey Murphy

Critiques on the Emerging Church

  1. Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church – DA Carson (and a review of it)
  2. Emergent No
  3. Theologica
  4. Thinkerup

This is not a comprehensive list but one that is meant to be a kind of beginner list – starting points. I am interested in hearing about more resources out there for each of these categories. What or who have I missed? Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Use the Emerging Church Customized Google Search Engine for more specific searches (see post about it here).

EDIT: Also be sure to check out my Four Models of Emerging Church which you may find helpful.

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