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  • Open Anabaptism and a Community of (in)outsiders

    I’ve been meaning to comment on Jarrod McKenna’s thought worthy post which looks at the “Emerging Peace Church Movement” or what he likes to call “Open Anabaptism.”

  • @BYM – How to Track the Britain Yearly Meeting Online

    We’ve begun Britain Yearly Meeting today and the blog is up and running full steam ahead. We’ve added some links, pictures, and the Quaker logo on the sidebar and there are at least six new posts just from today. There are five of us writing and if you’re interested in seeing what we’re writing about, […]

  • Quakers and Coffee

    A few weeks ago I decided to create a few new names for some of my favorite coffee drinks just for fun. I work at Fuller’s Bookstore, and attached is a really great coffee shop ingenuously named “Coffee by the Books.” What this means for me is a steady flow of really good coffee and […]

  • Trends within the Convergent Friends Conversation

    Last week I went to a Friends conference (FWCC) in Rhode Island, and have already talked about it at some length. But the point of this short post was to point out a number of trends, or characteristics that I saw beginning to frame the overall conversation of convergent Friends.

  • FAQ: Are There Modern Day Prophets?

    Frequently Asked Questions (of a theologian) is a series I do from time to time as a means of answering good questions that come across my desk. Sometimes I answer the questions, sometimes others do, if you’re interested in seeing some other Q & A’s check it out here.