Schedule for Convergent Friends Gathering August 5th 2006

Chris and I powered out a schedule of sorts for this coming saturday so that we have something to work off of.  I have also discussed this with Robin so I am confident that our gathering will be fruitful and a lot of fun. The reason we planned something out is partly because we have around 20 people coming from all over and we don’t want anyone to feel like they’ve wasted their time.

But also because, personally, I would rather have a plan and ditch it because of a move of the Spirit than not have a plan and then realize that the Spirit has decided to not bail me out of my negligence; this is a lesson I learned during my short-life as a youth pastor at Barberton Friends.
So here it is a rough sketch of what the 2nd ever convergent friends meeting will look like.
(you can download the .pdf below)

A Few Gathering Comments

We come agreeing not to co-opt “Convergent Friends” for ourselves or individual branch purposes.
The focus of the gathering is to spend a little time coalescing in person our different viewpoints and ideas of what convergence looks like.
We’re gathering together to dream and hope for the Friends church
Jesus and the Holy Spirit are encouraged and welcome topics of discussion
We’re looking to overcome dichotomies and dualisms and find a holistic approach to our faith and tradition.

Schedule and Agenda (This is all subject to change)

3:00  Get together, intros and hang out.
4:00  Short time of Silent Worship.

Wess introduces the agenda and questions, and speaks about boundaries.

Robin Mohr talks about convergence and her experience.
            Grab some paper and writing utensils and consider the four questions.

5:00  Discussion – What do you appreciate about the other branches?
5:30  Discussion – What about the Friends experience has been vital to you?
6:00  Break

6:10  Discussion – What are your concerns about the experience of converges?
6:30  Discussion – What do you hope for in being involved in convergence?
7:00  Dinner and Discussion about where we go next

Visit the Theo.Edit wiki for more information.


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