Quaker 2.0 Relaunch and the Convergent Friends Gathering

Chris Frazier from Glued Ideas has been working hard on a relaunch design for Quaker 2.0, a collaborative site I co-author for.  We had been planning a big launch for Monday July 10th, but he graciously decided to relaunch earlier to correspond with my article being published.

Along with this relaunch we are also announcing the “Convergent Friends Gathering” that is taking place at our house in Los Angeles Saturday August 5th 2006. It is a one day event focused on talking about and seeking to understand what it means to be “Convergent Friends.”

Watch Quaker 2.0 for more details as it will be used as the main hub for this “gathering” and other things focusing on the “contemporary Quaker identity.”

Also for more details I have set up a wiki descibing some possibilites of what we will be doing during the gathering.   Please sign up so you can edit it and add ideas.

Please contact me if you are interested in coming.   We can’t offer housing at this point as we are already filled, but we will help you find a place to stay if you need it.

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