Convergent Friends: Passing on the Faith in the Postmodern World

My first in-print article has hit the shelf this month in the July/August edition of the magazine Quaker Life.   They were also kind enough to offer an online version of it here is  an excerpt:

What started causing disquiet in me came after I was assigned to read Walter William’s The Rich Heritage of Quakerism for part of my recording process with the Evangelical Friends Church. As I read, I fell in love with the whole of the Quaker narrative.

I loved the characters, the theology, their quirkiness, their vital spirituality and their strange “peculiarities.” Their ideas about non-violence, non-use of ceremonial rites, women in leadership, justice and equality, simplicity, ecclesiology, truth telling, the light of Christ—all grabbed me as authentic and passionate expressions of faith such as I have rarely known.

It deals with issues surrounding Quakerism today and speaks of the growing conversation by people who are calling themselves “Convergent Friends.”  It’s related to an article I did for Quaker 2.0 a while back called “Why Quaker 2.0?”

Please give the new article a read and if you’d like to ask questions or discuss it let’s do it here.

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