Year-End Wrap-Up and Popular Posts from 2010

This has been a pretty good year for Gathering In Light (as a blog) and it’s always fun to do a little year-end wrap up. For one, I’m surprised to see that I had 150 or so posts this year. Considering how much seemed to have happened this year, I am glad that I was able to keep up with writing at least a little bit. I love to write and practice writing. I find energy in sharing ideas and working out my thoughts.

Probably the biggest milestone for this blog in the last year was breaking 1,000 posts and seeing subscribers continue to slowly go up. I also started advertising through a Quaker ad group setup by a friend of mine. This has helped this blog (with the cost of hosting and domain) to be self-sustaining and actually bring in a little extra income into the house. Other milestones specifically related to work done here on this blog were the publishing of the book I helped edit “Spirit Rising,” and the Six Month Project on Being a Quaker Preacher (you can read all the posts here).

I feel pretty good about what has happened here this year and I feel clear that I need to keep the blog going for the time being though I constantly remain open to the possibility that at some time God may require me to lay this ministry down. This coming year I have been consciously clearing the plate as I prepare for my comprehensive exams and dissertation writing, and given the time and energy put into family and my ministry I will have little time for much else.  So things may be sparse but I will continue to share when I can.

Here are some of the popular posts from this last year.

  1. The Testimony of Enough (Matthew 6)
  2. Lady Wisdom and the Feminine Divine (Proverbs 8)
  3. The Testimony of Truthfulness (Matthew 5)
  4. What is the Quaker Peace Testimony?
  5. Lady Wisdom as Mid-Wife (Proverbs 8)
  6. Life is a Miracle: Making Peace with All Things (Colossians 3)
  7. Bring a Released Minister
  8. The Queries and a Life of Discernment
  9. The End of Words
  10. A Prayer for Those in Need

Thank you to all of you who subscribe and regularly read the things I write and share here and thank you for the comments, feedback and friendship.