A Prayer for Those in Need

Here is a prayer we prayed one Sunday morning after reflecting on those who have great needs in our town.

God of the broken,

God of the wanderer,

Christ who is without shelter,

Surround those in deep need among us.

Surround them and help us hear their cries for help.

We are a people who long for the broken to be mended,

We long for justice in the face of much corruption,

We want to practice hospitality but have legitimate fears,

Surround us in our trying times and help us to reach beyond ourselves.

We confess we are bogged down by so much need in the world,

May we have the courage to stand for what is right even when it offends,

May we have the imaginations to help create a better world,

And the strength of your Spirit to carry on.

Let us be as you are in this world.