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  • Being A “Released” Minister

    I recently went through and changed most of my online profiles, email signatures, and even our bulletin for Sunday morning it from “pastor” to “released minister” as that language seems to fit where I am at better. So now, at least on paper, that’s the language I use to describe my work. But in day-to-day […]

  • There is No Time for Weeping (Jeremiah 8)

    I thought I would post what I would have said, if I would have preached the other day. (Given that please forgive the very unpolished nature of this piece). The love of a Parent is powerful. For instance, the other night L came running into our room balling. Now typically, I sleep like a rock […]

  • Interfaith Clergy Letter to the Editor in Clark County

    (This is a letter a group of us from Clark County wrote in response to some of the controversy surrounding September 11th this past week. We submitted it to our local papers which did not pick it up so I thought I’d post it here.) This year, a small group of clergy in Clark County […]

  • Camas Friends State of the Church Report

    As I mentioned awhile back we have been working on our State of the Church report for the year. Well now it is posted on the Camas Friends website. When you get a second we hope you’ll take a look.

  • Unscheduled Time

    Over the last week I’ve had a number of appointments cancel on me or just not show up. It’s only weird because it has happened with the last four meetings in a row and it is something that usually doesn’t happen. I keep wondering, along with the double rainbow guy, “what does it mean?” I […]