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  • FAQ: Are There Modern Day Prophets?

    Frequently Asked Questions (of a theologian) is a series I do from time to time as a means of answering good questions that come across my desk. Sometimes I answer the questions, sometimes others do, if you’re interested in seeing some other Q & A’s check it out here.

  • The Questions Pacifists Always Get Asked

    I found this article “Five Questions Your Pacifist Friends Are Tired of Answering” from the Burnside Collective. The article, written by Jonathan Fitzgerald, is an easily accessible article on specific questions that pacifists often get asked.

  • FAQs: Why is God Communal?

    This is a guest article written by friend and colleague JR Rozko of Life as Mission. “FAQs of a Theologian” is a segment I run from time to time that seeks to answer basic questions that get asked of people with theology degrees. If you would like to submit a question contact me, or submit…

  • FAQs: What is Worship? (Pastoral Quaker Perspective)

    In reading Thomas Hamm’s absolutely wonderfulQuakers in America I came across a good quote about how virtually all pastoral Friends today would agree on what the Richmond Declaration says about worship, the statement comes from the Declaration which is actually highly disputed but Hamm believes most would get behind this (I know I can):

  • FAQs: What are the practices of Quakers?

    “Frequently Asked Questions” is a segment on this site where basic questions get answered from people with theological training. If you’re interested in asking a Question you can contact me, otherwise you can visit the FAQ category or it’s corresponding wiki for more information.