FAQs of a Theologian Revised

It’s only been a week since I did my first Q & A here, but the response was great and everyone seemed to be pretty excited about having basic questions answered here.  So I’ve gone and changed it a little to make it a bit more interactive, and hopefully even more resourceful than my original plan.

I’ve decided to invite guest theologians on my site to answer questions with me.  So we’ll take turns, some weeks will be guest theologians and some weeks it will be me.  I was planning on doing every other week, but if I can keep up the pace and do it once a week then I will go for that.

Please send in questions, or if your interested in contributing then please let me know as well.

You can follow along by subscribing to my feed.

Watching the FAQs category.

Or by bookmarking my wiki where I am placing the questions and answers.

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