I’ve liked the stuff that Sojourners has been putting out as long as I have known about them, they focus on many issues that face the church from a position that tries to bring together conservative and liberal Christianity.  This has been something Jim Wallis has focused on repeatedly, with his newest book, and in his other writings and conferences.  Now he is launching his own blog, called…God’s Politics.

I have added this blog to my blogroll, and subscribed to it because I anticipate that it will offer refreshing insights into politics and spirituality from people who are both strongly committed to following Jesus and who believe it’s important to live out what they believe in the public square.

Jim Wallis

It looks like God’s Politics the Blog will not be limited to Jim’s writing’s alone but will include other popular writers like, Brian McLaren, Amy Sullivan, Noel Castellanos, Robert Franklin, Diana Butler Bass, Obery Hendricks, Sister Helen Prejean, Ron Sider, Tony Campolo (and I hope they get Anne Lamott).
The blog hopes to create real-live dialogue where people can work out the issues that have divided America for a really long time via comments and blog-related conversations.

Wallis writes, “I find people across the political and religious spectrum who are looking for the ???moral center“ of our public life, for the moral choices and challenges below the surface of our political debates, for a true ???values politics“ that challenges the selective moralities of both the right and the left.???  And so he hopes this blog will provide a sounding board of sorts for what he feels called to do, time will tell if this will work internet-wide but I commend them for trying.

This coming week Ralph Reed will be writing, Reed is former director for the Christian Coalition and I suspect what he has to say will be worth checking out.

For more on the blog you can read the welcome here.

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