I Finally Got My NRSV Pocket Bible

Evangelicals like there bibles, and in this way I am absolutely no different than any of my other evangelical brothers and sisters.  Now my views on inspiration, interpretation, and the canon span the theological spectrum but that’s for another day.  I’ve got a few bibles more than I need (yes this query comes to mind), but ever since I’ve switched over from NIV to NRSV (in undergrad) I haven’t found one good NRSV I really liked reading.

That is until earlier this summer I noticed on a popular book buying site, which I have a love/hate relationship with and that’s why I am not mentioning it, that Bruce Metzger and crew were releasing a pocket size, leather bound NRSV with apocrypha!  That’s the one I’ve been waiting for.  Well the bookstore where I work received them this past tuesday  and I bought one right away.
I don’t want this post to fall into being an advertisement for this bible but I totally dig it,  I thought I’d give a short review on it. [So if you’ve already got five bibles and you don’t use them, don’t go buy another one]

This black leather bound bible from Oxford University Press weighs little more than a pound and has the dimensions 7.0 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches.  It’s perfect for throwing into your backpack or messenger bag [wink wink].

The print is small but easily readable.


It fits easily into the palm of your hand.  And the cover, because it’s leather, will be durable and last a long time (though its a bit more glossy than I’d like).


The bible doesn’t come with any bells or whistles, no introductions to books, no maps (the only thing I’d really like), no concordance, index or glossary.  It does however contain the Apocrypha which I really wanted.

On the one hand, I personally don’t really like all those extra bells and whistles, I’ve gone to school and paid a lot of money to know that stuff so I don’t need to have someone else tell me what they think about when the Pentateuch was written.  On the other hand, most people haven’t studied the Bible and theology for 7 years, so I think it would have been nice to toss some helps here and there.

I am excited that I can start carrying around my bible again, I’ve been being careful about how much weight I pack in my bag due to the commute.  It’s already afforded me more time for reading and reflecting on the Scriptures.

Ultimately, I think this bible is best fit for students, and maybe seminary students at that.  It’s stripped down, a good size, small print, and just enough space to write some notes in the margins.

If you’re interested in buying one of these visit Fuller Bookstore online and search for the ISBN: 0195288319 or NRSV pocket bible.