Daily Scribe Jamboree 09012006

This week there were some great articles I wanted to point out from the gang at the daily scribe.

  • Camassia has a very thoughtful post on that fits well with my posts on church shopping as she writes out some ideas on how churches  can welcome strangers better.
  • Over at “The Journey” an interesting and reflective question gets asked, “Did Katrina Affect our Understanding of God?”
  • Finally Dayna Ruttenberg writes on her blog about some of the issues American Apparel is getting in trouble over.  She writes, “Despite trying to market themselves as a hip, sweatshop-free haven for social justice, it’s really a union-busting org with skeevy advertising practices and an unapologetically sexually harrassing CEO, with a habit of trying to intimidate media sources critical of the company.” And points to Clamour Magazine, a “quarterly print magazine and online community of radical thought,                  art, and action,” as the clothing company’s newest target.