The 39 Steps at Portland Center Stage

This past Friday Emily and I were gifted with some tickets to the Portland Center Stage theater to watch the remake of Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps.” At first we thought the night was going to be a bust. When we got to the playhouse Emily had our 3 mo. old in a sling and the ticket collector said they weren’t allowed to let us in with a child under 6 yrs. old. Really? But then another woman who worked there promptly showed up and said she would look into some alternative solutions. They ended up finding a spot for us in a glassed in room right next to the sound room. It was great to have a space like that out of the way incase M. did get upset and it also had some comfy chairs to boot!

The play was fantastic. There were four actors, all absolutely top-notched. The four of them played all the roles throughout the whole play and changed accents for each of the characters (it takes place in England and Scotland). The minimalist set was also used very effectively and many of the items could turn into a variety of props. I think my favorite thing was the shadow puppets they did against a white backdrop throughout the play, they were simply beautiful.

The night out ended with a little after play party at the theater. Something we didn’t know or even plan on but was fun to participate in and watch all the normal “theater” goers. It was a fun date and a lovely play.