Tag: The Technological

  • Damage & Too Much and Too Little

    Damage by Wendell Berry I. I have a steep wooded hillside that I wanted to be able to pasture occasionally, but it had no water supply. About halfway to the top of the slop there is a narrow bench, on which I thought I could make a small pond. I hired a man with a bulldozer to […]

  • Ecto 3 Alpha For OSX Has Arrived

    For just about as long as I have been blogging I have been using Ecto as my blogging tool. Adrian the developer software just the new alpha version out today, you need to check now.

  • Dress Down Friday – Tetris-Like Quinn Gets Updated

    One of my absolute favorite mac games, Quinn, has been updated into a really nice sleek new version that is universal binary and has a number of great new features. This freeware game is worth downloading and checking out. We all need a break from time to time!

  • TV: It’s Turn Off Your TV Week

    I almost forgot to announce that yesterday marked the beginning of “Turn off your TV Week,” sponsored by adbusters.org. There are a number of ways to participate but the simplest way is to unplug the TV for the week. And why not? We have family and friends that would love the extra time, we have […]

  • Transitioning in A Global Information Age: Questions For Church Traditions

    As a follow up to my reflections on Quaker Heritage Day I wanted to post a list of Questions I’ve been thinking about, many of which came because our travels to the north and many because of what I have been studying over the past quarter.