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  • Reflecting On Your Influences

    Every now and then it is a good idea to consider the influences you have in your life, maybe a “lull in grace??? as Patrick has called it, is a perfect time.  I  first thought I would make a top three list of four different categories; books, music, movies, and blogs; but later decided to […]

  • Chris and Amy over at Shooting The Kids wrote on Photos For Your Child’s Safety.  I wanted to give props to them for pointing out Brian’s great flickr site that seeks to help find missing children. They have a great short interview with him that let’s you know how he got started and how its […]

  • A Short Prayer Service with The Lord’s Prayer

    Getting back on track of doing some work on the Lord’s Prayer I thought I would offer a simple prayer service we used for small group a while back. This could work as a personal time for reflection or for small groups, and can be changed and modified to your own liking. This is set […]