Chris and Amy over at Shooting The Kids wrote on Photos For Your Child’s Safety.  I wanted to give props to them for pointing out Brian’s great flickr site that seeks to help find missing children. They have a great short interview with him that let’s you know how he got started and how its helping people.  You may even notice that some of the pictures link to his site are now broken links, that because those kids have been found.

A Brief Synopsis from Chris’ Site:
Currently Brian and his team pull missing children’s photos from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and posts them on flickr, tagging them in ways to help people find these kids (they are hoping to organize them in such a way that they can be search by area as well).  He is also trying to gain access to more photos so he can have a great impact in helping kids but its been a difficult road.

If you have a blog or a flickr account add this guy to your list of contacts and view the pictures, this is a great and easy way to be on the look out.  We can be innovative in the way we help others and I think Brian is up to something that is worth backing.    

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