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  • Convergent Friends An Introduction by Rachel Stacy

    Rachel Stacy, a young Quaker woman and soon to be graduate from Earlham School of Religion, with a double major in religion and chemistry, recently finished her final school project for a class in contemporary religious movements. She decided to do the final research project on convergent Friends and has produced a great introduction.

  • Allelon: Video Interview with Ryan Bolger on Emerging and Missional Churches

    There is great half-hour video of my PhD advisor, Ryan Bolger, where he discusses what emerging churches and missional churches are. During the interview he discusses with Alan Roxburgh of Allelon, and author of the Sky is Falling, some of the major points of similarities, differences, and some possible connecting points of these two movements.

  • Resources and Tips for Becoming Green and Protecting OUR Environment

    I am continually challenged to be more frugal with the way I live my life, expend resources, and how my choices affect others (often people I don’t know and will never meet). When we talk about “saving the planet,” being “environmentally friendly,” or “creation care,” it’s easy to see people take sides instantly. I am […]

  • Maundy Thursday (House) Worship/Prayer Service

    A few days ago Emily and I had the idea to invite some friends over to hang out Thursday, tonight, to kick off Emily’s spring break (she rarely stays up past 9pm on a school night). Then I thought that because it was Maundy Thursday it would be great to do a little service with […]

  • DVDevos – Video Devotionals for Visual Christians

    This week I wanted to highlight the ministry of two Evangelical Friends and some of the cool things they’re doing. Matt Taflan and Shawn Belt, both from Ohio, have joined together in Florida to make short video devotionals they are calling DVDevos. They see this as an opportunity to bring together creativity and Christian faith, […]