Tag: Life in Los Angeles

  • Sometimes We All Blackout

    Lovedrug, a band some friends of mine are in, are coming into town on Saturday to play at the Knitting Factory; a line to one of their songs is the title of this post and the current state of my life.

  • Bike to Work Day: Communities and Sustainable Life

    [Updated] Thursday, May 18th was Bike to Work Day. The city of LA and its surrounding suburbs participated in various activities and sponsored prizes in hopes of encouraging people to ride their bikes to work more often. I participated in Pasadena’s Bike to Work Day and their sponsored events. Cyclists met in front of the […]

  • Bike to Work Week

    This coming week, May 15-19, is bike to work week.  I have already expressed my disappointment in not being able to participate because of my accident, but I thought I could pass along some links and what-not about biking.  There are some great resources on the web about getting started as a bicycle commuter, reasons […]

  • Since I normally love to write about my adventures in biking here in the city, I figured this post fits into that category. [Those of you with weak stomaches may wish to tune out at this time] Thorn and I paid the price yesterday afternoon for a lady’s indecision; in fact we ate the back […]

  • Blog Party #3

    This Monday Night, May 15th, from 7:30-9pm I am inviting those of you who are free to join us in blog party #3. There are a few things you need to bring, a writing prompt to work on, any questions you may have about the technical aspects of blogging and something to drink. We will […]