Tag: Biking

  • On Biking: Safety Tips for Drivers

    I posted a video and a few short thoughts on our other blog Weird Fishes about biking and some tips I wish drivers kept in mind when cruising around the city. If you’re interest you can check it out here. 

  • Thoughts on Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike

    About four years ago I came across a video of some people riding fixed-gear bicycles, and I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and aesthetics of these single-speed bikes. Since that time I’ve become more interested in biking both as a culture and as a mode of transportation. I’ve met a number of people who […]

  • How To Live Local: Creating Your Two Mile Map

    Over the next couple weeks I have a few posts I will be doing that revolve around issues of sustainable living. In these posts I will be trying to avoid the more preachy, theoretical rants I can often find myself falling into. Rather these will be focused on tips and tricks, basic stuff that’s fun […]

  • Finding the Right Bike for Your Commute

    I mentioned earlier that I recently bought a new [used] bike and I debated on whether to say anything about it here, I wasn’t really sure anyone would care. But because I love bikes and blogging so much I finally broke down and thought I’d give a few pointers on finding the right bike for […]

  • I Think I Did A Mean Thing to Your H2

    Okay so there isn’t much of a secret about how I feel about environmental issues, I think especially Christians should be concerned with how we care for creation. We have a responsibility to take care of what God left in our stewardship, this is why Emily and I do some of the things we do […]