Since I normally love to write about my adventures in biking here in the city, I figured this post fits into that category. [Those of you with weak stomaches may wish to tune out at this time]  Thorn and I paid the price yesterday afternoon for a lady’s indecision; in fact we ate the back of a parked car going just under 25 mph for it.  “Sorry parked car guy, she drove off and left me to scrap myself off the ground, I didn’t leave my number.???  There was a little damage to the car’s rear lights, I had some of it in my knee.


Here is what happened.  As you can see in my picture to the left (I am the arrow) I was on my bike moving south throwing two lanes of traffic.  One car is parked on the right and a blue pick up is sitting in between both lanes waiting to merge.  I had plenty of clearance, if she would have stayed put and waited to move over (there was a car to her left that isn’t in the picture).  She grew impatient and decided to slowly roll forward and to see if someone else would let her in.  When she started to roll when I was no further than 10 feet behind her, she effectively closed the gap that I was going to move through between the parked car and her pickup.  I had to slam on my brakes, my bike fish-tailed and hit the parked car.  “Its alright ma, I’m only bleeding!???  The lady drove off.  I hobbled over to the curb blood running down my leg.


If you’re interested in more blood check this out.

Other than getting some of the rear light in my leg and smashing my knee into the pavement I fared pretty well (and yes I was wearing my helmet).  Fortunately Kate, one of our housemates,was only a couple blocks away when I called her to pick me up.  Thorn has seen better days though, the front tire is no longer of any use unless I’d like to try cycling out with the circus.  The worst thing of the whole situation, Chase later tells me, is that next week is bike to work week for Fuller Employees and they are raffling off prizes for those who bring in their bikes…I guess I’ll try to limp in and show them my wounds for trying to cut down a little on polution!   Anyways, I can’t wait to get back on my bike, I am already feeling antsy.

Diagram made by the wonderful gliffy.com

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