Mac’s Keynote (on Dual Displays)

One problem I had in class yesterday was a technical one. I use Mac’s Keynote software to put main points onto slides for the class to see. I also typed out all my (behind the scenes) notes thinking I’d be able to read from my macbook’s screen without projecting them on the class screen. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get the two displays to do different things. I thought for sure I wouldn’t have a problem getting it to work, so I didn’t even try it at home, and sure enough, I ate up class time trying to figure it out. A lesson learned for sure. But even more frustrating, yet laughable at this point is that had I looked in Keynote’s help menu and typed “presentation” like I did later that afternoon, I would have seen that the 4th option down was the directions on how to fix the display and notes issue (or how to get it to work in the first place). Alas, reading the instructions do help!

While, I highly recommend using Keynote for your lectures and presentations, not only because is it super easy to use (minus this hiccup) but they look nice as well, I do recommend reading the instructions and practicing prior to doing the presentation – yes I did know better!

Here’s the instructutions just in case:

Picture 2
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Here’s to next time.