Class Lecture Day

Today Ryan gave me the opportunity to lecture in his Church in Mission class (I am the aid for the class). This quarter we have been looking at post-colonial themes and ways of reading the culture, responses to culture from a variety of perspectives including: the incarnation, trinitarian theology, ecclesiology, the emerging church and the like. Since we are now wrapping up the quarter (wednesday is our last class) I talked more about some of the practices the church can do to embody a way of life rooted in an incarnational way of thinking about mission. All that to say, I will be posting what I said in more detail soon. Other parts of my lecture were based on things we’ve been discussing here concerning relevancy and the church’s mission. Overall, it was a lot of fun leading the class through some of this material and getting more practice at teaching.

Something I continue to be surprised by is how much I enjoy the dialogue and questions that come out of the lecture material. In the second half of the class, we turned from lecture-based learning to discussion questions where students first interacted with a list of questions on their own and in small groups, then we reconvened and discussed them as a class. I tend to find this portion of the class period to be even more stimulating then the lecture period because it’s in these moments where we get to learn from each other and wrestle with how this stuff works in our lives and churches. All in all it was happy to have the practice.