Live Update – Now Finished

This morning I came over to Fuller’s Coffee Shop, made myself a mug of Cafe’ au Lait, plugged in my iPod and am listening to Starflyer 59’s new album, My Island. I’ve cracked open mywebsite code, uploaded the bleeding-edge version of Subtle, and am doing a few little things here and there to tidy things up. In other words, I’m working on updating the site here, you will experience buggy behavior while this is going on.

Edited:2:52pm Saturday

I’ve added a new header and the blue light-burst, both made for me by a good friend and graphic design, Noah Smith (Portfollio).

I asked Noah to come up with something that he thought would fit with the theme of my writings and also some of my own personal interests.  As some of you know I have a love for Wes Anderson’s movies, especially his fourth installment called “The Life Aquatic: With Steve Zissou” (And a Fan Site).  So Noah piled my great interst with the sea in with the idea of discovery, and exploration and now I have a new header image and an update style to go along with it.  Thanks Noah.

I’ve redone my about page.

Made it extremely easy to subscribe with links from “feedflare.”

There are now columns on each post page as well, so I will be updating my blogroll and adding some features there.

My Wiki – Theo.edit is up and going and I have been adding things slowly to it.

And my links page is still needing some major help – if you have something you think would be worth me linking to please contact me.

I am also using WordPress Widgets (Subtle supports it), something that makes my life much easier with arranging content on my blog.

Some of my other favorite plugins then are:

1. Flickr Feeder – the nicest flickr plugin available.

2. TLA Widget also made by Glued Ideas.

3. Feedburner Feed Replacement

4. Gravatars – those cute little pictures beside your comments

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