Join The Online Study of Poverty, Empire, and the Book of Revelation in the Time of Covid19

Friends, I am hosting an online study of my new book, “Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation as Resistance,” and the Book of Revelation in the time of Covid19 and I want to invite you to consider participating.

I am interested in these three questions with this course: how does can the bible be used as a tool for building a social movement by, of, and for the poor; what do you say to people who believe this is the “end times” and use Revelation to justify all manner of bad behaviors and ideas; and how do we as people of faith and good conscience work to resist empire in this moment?

I will run this as a free 6-week online course that will meet weekly for an hour, with some optional readings to do in between. We will use, “Resisting Empire,” and the Book of Revelation as the main texts for the course.

The course is free and you do not need to feel obligated to buy the book to participate (donations are welcome but not necessary).

In this course you will learn:

  • How our own biases, experiences, and  interacts with our reading of the biblical texts
  • Various tactics for reading the bible from a liberatory framework
  • What the “religion of empire” is and how it functions in the world
  • Social context and background to the book of Revelation
  • Ways of “resisting the empire” that the first witnesses of Revelation would have practiced
  • What it means to resist the “religion of empire” in our own day and time

Sign-Up Here:
If this is of interest to you please sign up for more information coming soon. Fill out this form with your information and I will be in touch soon.

Registration closes April 24th and the course will start on April 29.

Learn more about the schedule, readings, etc. by going to the course page of my website.

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