How Krista Tippett is Rocking My World

One of the things that has been really inspiring me lately is Krista Tippett’s radio/podcast program “Being,” which as of a month ago was known more widely as “Speaking of Faith.” The show interviews a variety of people from various faiths and perspectives who are doing some really meaningful things with their lives. I’ve known about the show for years but nothing about it really grabbed me, but there is a gentleman in our meeting who has tried to get me to listen a few times and so finally I downloaded “Days of Awe” and listened to it on my drive out to Twin Rocks a couple weeks ago. In the show Tippett interviews Rabbi Sharon Brous from the Ikar synagogue in Los Angeles. I was completely inspired and moved by Brous’ discussion. I had to pause the iPod a couple of times just so I could reflect on what she said and inspect the ways in which it intersected in my life. Here’s a description of that episode show:

We delve into the world and meaning of the Jewish High Holy Days — ten days that span the new year of Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur’s rituals of atonement. A young rabbi in L.A. is one voice in a Jewish spiritual renaissance that is taking many forms across the U.S. The vast majority of her congregation are people in their 20s and 30s, who, she says, are making life-giving connections between ritual, personal transformation, and relevance in the world.

After listening to Tippett and Brous I was hooked and since they kept referring to Abraham Heschel (a Jewish philosophian and theologian) I figured I should go back and listen to that. I’ve been a fan of Heschel’s since my Malone days (Thanks Dr. Soza!) but hadn’t delved into his thought much beyond reading his commentary on the prophets. The episode “The Spiritual Audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel”  totally blew me away.

And there have been others that I have really enjoyed as well:

So hopefully this is enough to entice you and help you know where to get started with Being.

*Image from On Being.