Great New Tunes for 2009

Last year, I felt, was kind of void for me when it came to new music. That is one reason why I asked my good friend Matt Hoopes to guest write his list (and also I was interested in learning about new artists). But already for 2009 I’ve been really excited by a bunch of new albums that are out this year, came out very late last year, or are soon to be out. Here’s a list, in no particular order:

  1. Jaydiohead : Minty Fresh Beats – Minty Fresh remixes Jay-Z with Radiohead, it’s really cool (and free to download).
  2. Andrew Bird : Nobel Beast – I’m not sure this is better than his previous “Armchair Apocalypse” but I am still enjoying the thick sounds this album puts out.
  3. M.Ward : Hold Time – I’ve been listening to this album via NPR’s “All Songs Considered” because it doesn’t actually come out until Februrary 17th, and I love it already. I’d like to get this on LP if I can.
  4. Starflyer 59 : Dial M (came out 10/28/2008) – I can’t help it, I like just about everything Jason Martin does. This is a deeply introspective album, with some really good tunes on it.
  5. Deerhunter : Microcastle – It’s a really nice atmospheric album that, as Matthew Hoopes said, is great in large part because it reminds us of Starflyer 59’s “Gold” Album.
  6. Elvis Perkins : Elvis Perkins in Dearland can be pre-ordered and streamed from the Beggars Group. It’s really good and lives up to my expectations at least.
  7. David Bazan : His new album comes out sometime this spring, and after hearing most of the new songs live at Fuller Seminary in November, I am waiting with anticipation.
  8. Jubilee Singers (website?) – Friends of ours from the Mennonite church and previously known a “No Little Kindness” will be releasing their new album in the not too distant future and it promises to be a list of great tunes.

What about you, anything new that you’re really enjoying? What music are you looking forward to coming out this year?