Guest Post: Matthew Hoopes’ Top 5 Albums of the Year

Since he spends so much time immersed in music, I asked my good friend, and fellow Canton, Ohio native Matthew Hoopes of Relient K to share his top 5 Albums of 2008 with the gathering in light community. This is his first guest post here, and it’s a a pleasure to have him. Here’s what he writes:

Hoopes’ Top Five Albums of 2008

5. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
I am still not sure if this will become a classic album for me, but I do know one thing – that every song on this record is great and that is why it deserves to be in the top 5. Too many bands only have a few good songs, and I think this should not go unnoticed how solid it is from front to back. Also, a lot of new bands that try to sound classic are more about style than substance, but Fleet Foxes are in the business of making good music (listen).

4. Denison Witmer – Carry The Weight
There are so many folk influenced singer songwriters out there, but Denison will always be my favorite. This record is brilliant and I think it is the best overall record of his career, so it is a good first listen and a great time to become a Denison Witmer fan! It is still fairly minimalist production, but I love the organ, electric guitars, and drums and I think he says a lot of interesting things lyrically. My favorites so far are Life Before Aesthetics and Carry The Weight (listen).

3. The New Frontiers – Mending
I almost hesitate to put this record on my list because they have recently broken up, but this record is just too good to leave off. Every song is great and don’t let the fact that they are onMilitia Group turn you off. I really like how they keep things simple and write songs that are good just because of the melodies and lyrics. Listen to the song Mirrors– it is perfect (listen).

2. House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End

I really want to tell everyone about this record. I really love it and I am glad that it is finally available on iTunes. I don’t even know where to start on this one…it is one of the best rock records I have ever heard! The songs are amazing and it is a really interesting and deep record. They do a great job of showing influences like Queen, Muse, and Weezer while still being original. Please give this record a chance! Check out the video for In The Valley (see below).

And Finally, the number one:

1. Coldplay – Viva La Vida Who doesn’t love Coldplay? They have a ridiculously wide appeal with hipster kids, sports broadcasters and their families, your parents, college kids, top 40 radio fans, and even Jay Z. I absolutely love this record, and I think the thing that is even more amazing is that they have been able to put out 4 really good records in a row. I can’t even think of another band in my lifetime that has done that. I was recently able to see them play and it really made me love this record more.

The Honorable Mentions

I’m From Barcelona – Who Killed Harry Houdini?
I really like this guy.

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
This record is just too happy…

Margot And The Nuclear Sos – Animal/Not Animal
I think I really like this album, but it has just not been long enough.

Video: House of Heroes – In The Valley Of The Dying Son from Vimeo.


Matthew Hoopes

Matt Hoopes plays guitar in a band that he has been in since 1998 and currently lives in Nashville, TN.  He is happily married and a proud parent.