GOOD Magazine | On Skid Row: Introduction


Good Magazine, a site I really like, cover all kinds of topics, from culture to politics and the environment. This week they’ve begun a video series looking at LA’s homeless district, otherwise known as Skid Row. I look forward to following these videos.

Los Angeles’s police chief called Skid Row “the worst social disaster in America.” In LA county there are 80,000 homeless each night. Los Angeles is the first third would city in the United States.

(From GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine – On Skid Row: Introduction)

Back in the summer of 2004 I spent a week in Skid Row with a class looking at Urban Ministry.  I did a number of journal entries on my (then blogspot) blog. The entries are pretty rough in terms of writing, back then I was the main person who read my site, but they’re nonetheless interesting to look back on. If you’re interested they’re here: