A Beginning and an Ending

Today was “one of those days.” That’s what I told the barista at the local coffee shop and that’s how I felt. It just seemed like I kept spinning my wheels all day. At the end of the work day I prayed, “God, where was your Light at today?” Which was my way of saying, “God, where were you and did I totally miss it?” I jotted down a few things in my notebook, things that stood out to me or appeared in my memory. And now at the end of the day I have thought about that question again. And there are two things that stand out to me.

The two glowing highlights from the day are my two daughters. It’s an easy one, but it’s true. This morning L begged profusely to come to work with me, she wept as I headed towards the door, wanted me to hold her, and made sure to stand by the window so she could watch and wave as I left the house. I felt a deep love from her this morning. I also felt like a jerk, but I’m focusing on the love part right now! Then as we ended the day M started blowing bubbles, something she’s never done, something that is so odd to have come out of nowhere that it brought absolute delight to Emily and I. It helped that the first time she did it this evening was during (silent) worship at our small group meeting. Then she did it while her and L were getting ready for bed. So I began and end my day bookmarked by the gift of my two girls, and the  side of God they show me. Here’s a glimpse:

[flickr video=4407530253 secret=ded899fc09 w=500 h=376]