World Hunger and Sustainable Eating

It’s important for me to point out a fellow Fuller PhD student, Russ Kirby, who has written a stellar argument for having a sustainable Diet.
Russ, a practical theologian, says,

If there is enough food to fully feed the world, then why are 840 million people still literally starving to death? Why do at least 5.2 million children die every year of malnutrition? Is the West simply hogging the food? While it is difficult to truly understand and appreciate the nuances that complicate global sustenance and cause world hunger, the connection between a meat based diet and rampant starvation (which is rarely discussed) needs to be drawn out.

The truth is, there is more than enough food to feed the world, but not on a meat-centered diet. Let’s pretend this was a perfect world. Let’s divide the world’s land (available for food production) equally among her peoples. Each person would then get

of an acre of land. Sounds great right?

From Hungry For A Better World (or “Starving For Sustenance”)
The issue that Russ brings up, will be an issue that today’s church will have to face if it wishes to participate in God’s love for the world; I don’t see any other option.  We can no longer pretend it is not an issue live blindly to the needs of others, we know that following Christ requires sacrifices this is one of them; if we do not we will not be sharing with God in loving the world.

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