Why we need to support buisnesses that have good practices.

From another blogger: Wal-MartJust in case some of you missed this story in the New York Times:”The Labor Department’s inspector general strongly criticized department officials yesterday for “serious breakdowns” in procedures involving an agreement promising Wal-Mart Stores 15 days’ notice before labor investigators would inspect its stores for child labor violations.The Labor Department reached the settlement in January after finding 85 child labor violations at Wal-Mart stores in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Arkansas, involving workers under 18 who operated dangerous machinery, including cardboard balers and chain saws.Wal-Mart settled the investigation by agreeing to pay $135,540, but it continued to deny any wrongdoing.”- Steven Greenhouse, www.nytimes.com 11/1/05.Just to catch you up.

Me things

This post is from a Friend and I thought I would put it up on mine too. As Christians, its really important to be aware of buisnesses that look out for the rights of humans and those that don’t. A humanizing buisness is one to be encouraged and supported, a dehumanizing one on the other hand should be told what its doing is wrong (one way to do this is by not shopping there). That’s my two sense.