What I Keep in My “Bag of Tricks” For School


Paul wrote a fun post about the things he carries in his bag for school, and since I have for quite some time carried a “bag of tricks” I thought I’d post what some of those tricks are now.

First, I have to openly admit/confess a) I am a bag person, it’s a small(?) obsession but one that is certainly something I’ve had to reckon with and b) I like gadgets. So for me bags and gadgets go together well. So basically I am acknowledging that I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to this stuff.

The Non-Gagdety Items

I’m still a paper person when it comes to taking reading notes and class notes, so I tend to carry a notebook with me at all times. This has gotten me into some trouble recently as I’ve decided I’d like my notes searchable within my mac, which means that everything needs to be scanned in (or typed which isn’t going to happen). But another problem arose, hand-written notes aren’t searchable by any software yet (though someone’s pointed out this nifty pen for PCs). Anyways, I don’t have any good solution yet, but I will keep handwriting most of my notes for now. I feel like I learn the stuff better. When it comes to writing I really like my Lamy pens (and the “Tipo” Lamy is really great with a Moleskine since it doesn’t bleed) still and for marking in books I use a Pental 0.7mm mechanical pencil (yes, that’s right, I mark up my books!). And here’s a few other not techy things:

  • I also a 15mm stubby craftsman wrench and a rear tail-light for my bike.
  • I always have a little advil on me, just in case the theology gets to be too much!
  • A small key-chain sized swiss army knife
  • A Gorillapod for my camera
  • A cliff bar for when I am extra hungry (something with chocolate or toffee if I can help it).
  • Funny looking reading glasses
  • And earplugs for when I need absolute silence!

The Gadgety Items

Currently my “bag of tricks” is a Timbuktu “commute,” and I cram it as full as I can:

  • Macbook Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz, 2GB Ram, 80gb HD and OSX 10.5
  • Our new Nikon Coolpix p5100, I am ready at all times for pictures, mainly of my daughter. Oh and I have it in a Domke Wrap for protection.
  • My favorite Moleskine GTD “Student Hack version
  • The amazing Shure E3C Headphones, which I actually didn’t pay for, they’re replacements for a much cheaper pair of Shure’s I sent in for repair!
  • 60gb iPod Video 5th Generation – this not only acts as my music player but it also syncs with my calendar and contacts, something handy for when I don’t have my laptop.
  • Bluetooth Mighty Mouse – which I do not recommend buying.
  • 1 gb ativa flash drive

Oh and I still have to get my books in there! So yeah, I have a bag full of tricks and weighs about 60 lbs!

So what do you have in your bag?

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