weeks end and the overload

I think that i have too much on my plate, as a matter of fact i am pretty sure i do.
with 5 classes, 12 hours of work a week in the computer lab, starting a young life club and most importantly being a husband (which unfortunately takes back seat more often than not) I am finding that it is fairly difficult to stay on top of everything.

My main interests at the moment are not being fulfilled, that is I would really like to be spending more time at the middle school where Emily and I (along with a team of great people) pioneering a ministry.  Not only this but I wish I could be writing and playing music, I have gotten to the point where music is non-existent in my life.  I am continually getting worse at writing songs and playing guitar.  I haven’t played out in months. Not to mention I have had very little time to work  on video projects.

Why is it that relationships, take a back seat in moment like these?

Oh the overload.  Well we are in week three and time is ticking.  Lord help us to survive this rush and find light at the end of the tunnel, if there is an end…