Waiting for Spring

DSCN7306 by C. Wess Daniels
DSCN7306, a photo by C. Wess Daniels on Flickr.

This was a picture I took a little more than a month ago, but when I saw it today it struck me. We have been waiting for spring to break here in the Northwest. It’s not that it’s running real late or anything, the first day of Spring was just a week ago. But given the amount of gray days we’ve had during this winter one can get a little antsy.

And then the past two days have been full of sunlight and beauty. Yesterday was even warm enough to go outside without a jacket. I am not sure whether or not spring is here, but the neighbors were outside, children were on their bikes, the parks are beginning to bustle again, and everyone here is ready to move outdoors again.

So hopefully these last couple days have been a taste of the new life busting up that we celebrate every spring.