Upcoming Blogging Hiatus

I’ve decided I need a little break from the blog these last couple weeks of the quarter. I’m currently working on my 40+ page paper on Everett Cattell’s life and contribution to Quaker missiology and I need to clear everything else of my desk. The paper is due on December 12th, so until that time I’m planning on laying-low on the web. Actually, my mother-in-law is coming into town this week to visit, watch L during the day, and help free me up to get my work done. Even though I’m finding this kind of writing (largely biographical) difficult at first go, I’ve got about 2,500 words so far, I’m enjoying it, and it helps that Cattell has become a kind of Quaker hero for me.

I’m planning on posting one last essay on Cattell here to finish up my four-part series I started awhile back sometime after I finish the paper. And I will need to post an article on Barclay Press pretty soon, which I plan to also have be about Cattell and his vision for the future of the Friends Church.

Also, after the hiatus and sometime around Christmas and the new year I will be doing a massive “relaunch” of gathering in light.com. Some friends of mine have been working on a slick new design, logos, fonts, etc to bring this site into the new year with class. So keep your eyes peeled for a little post-quarter fun. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!