Thinking Bloggers 2007 | One Top Five List

Robin recently tagged me  for a “Thinking Blogger” meme, which I was very thankful to recieve, especially from someone like Robin, who I personally look up to. If you were allowed to tag back on these memes I would have tagged Robin because she is certainly at the very top of my list. And as you can see I’ve delayed in writing my response to her post, partly because of time and partly because I wasn’t sure who I was going to link to.  It’s not that I don’t read any thinking bloggers but that I read too many, and often times don’t read them carefully enough.  In other words, I have a hard time picking and am not the best blogging friend because I don’t read all I should.  Anyways, I’ve been taking my time thinking about it, and now it’s gotten to be so much time that the post almost feels beside the point.  But I’ve decided to do it anyways because I think it’s always nice to tell others you think they are doing a good job.

So here it is, five bloggers who have caused me a lot of thinking and who I think are doing a great job as writers and thinkers:

  • JR Rozko – JR is a good friend of mine and someone I deeply respect both in terms of his own faith and in terms of his scholarship.  His blog covers many theological issues that pertain to mission and the church, and his insights are both provocative and thoughtful. He writes much shorter posts than I do which makes them way more accessible and useful.
  • Fernando Gros – Fernando keeps a great blog.  Not only does he write about “Faith and Culture an Era of Globalisation” an instant hit with me but he does so in a way that keeps things interesting.  He covers a number of different subjects well, links to short videos and regularly links to a number of great blogs he’s recently enjoyed or has responded to.  The first time I ran across his blog I knew it was going to be good, he had recently written about James McClendon, late husband of one of my favorite philsophers.

Catholic Anarchy – I’ve been following Michael ever since I first ran across his blog.  It has great material, it is well thought out and articulated, it’s from a Catholic perspective and radical.  The ingredients of a wonderful blog. He recently wrote a fascinating argument about Catholics and Ron Paul.

  • Jarrod McKenna – Australian Anabaptist Jesus-Radical who is doing some incredible things in Perth. His blog keeps everyone up to date on all the great stuff the Peace Tree community is doing in Perth.  While you’re at it check out his most recent interview that Scot McKnight has also linked to.
  • Josh Brown – Josh Brown, a web designer, writes about a number of things that mainly deal with theology and culture, but he has a unique perspective coming from his background in design. What I like about Josh is that he challenges the status quo of American Christian Faith in a way that seems practical.  He’s also working on some video-podcasts these videos are worth checking out.

Here they are, bloggers who keep the wheels turning in my head (and I am sure many others as well).  There are also a whole slew of honorable mentions that I would love to link to so I will find a better way to do that in another post for the near future.

If you’ve been tagged:

  1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think;
  2. Link to this post at The Thinking Blog so that people can find the exact origin of the meme;
  3. Optional: Display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award.’

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