The Wits End

Today, Emily got to her conference a little late due to my slightly handicap when it comes to reading directions.  Going north, when you’re supposed to be headed south never gets you where you’re going very fast.  After I dropped her off I returned to the hotel, and worked on my article; once a 1,150, now a 850 word delight.  Well, maybe not a delight, but 850s isn’t too bad for “long-winded one???.  I reworked some of the focus and tried to make it read clearer than it does here on my site.  There are still some parts I am unsure of, things I think I would cut, but left it up to the editor because its easier to have someone else cut stuff than it is for me to do it.  I am not that happy with it, I feel like it misses the main point that I wanted to get at, but I am not sure what else can be done.  Maybe its best to let these things fly as they are, and learn how to build it better next time from the way it crashes.  I’ve attached it the newer shorter version at the bottom of this post for those of you who don’t have anything better to do with your friday night.

After that I checked out of the hotel and started driving, looking for something and knew once I saw it I would know what it was.  I found it on University ave in San Diego its called “The Wits End??? a little pub where you can get some great food and great beers.  As I was sitting there drinking a pint of the Alesmith Nautical Nut-Brown Ale (a 95 on the rankings), I realized that they had free wireless: just what I was in search of.  So I brought in the ol’ ibook and sat down with my chicken pesto sandwhich and started to work on my lecture for monday.

So far, so good today.  Rest is wonderful.  

Multitasking And Simplicity

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