The Short Fat Kid Misses Mixed Tapes (And So Do I)

Shawn from “Fighting to Stay Awake” has announced the winner of this year’s blog post of the year contest he was hosting on his site.

The winner is the “Short Fat Kid” with his post called “I Miss Mixed Tapes.”  It brings back some great memories, I wonder if I have any of them laying around here somewhere.

I think one thing that made mixed tapes so hot was it really required some time, and thought.  ‘Back then’ it was quite as easy to duplicate music.   Now with CD’s it just isn’t the same.

I mean have you ever done a mixed CD for someone?  Is it an activity worth trying to endorse?

Were you the kind of person to make mixed tapes and give them to anyone, or just those select few, super special ones, who usually were of the opposite gender?

Me I gave them mainly to girls.

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