Updated: The Most Influential Book Of My Life…?

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Updated: I forgot to put the link to what I to discussion board, sorry about that! — I don’t do well at keeping up with discussion boards and following all the wonderful discussions on the various websites and blogs that I’d like to and this is no less true for Barclay Press.  I really appreciate the stuff they do there, and I think they have some really worthwhile conversations happening there.  Plus, I like the fact that they’ve allowed me to publish on their site (And here and here)! 🙂

At any rate, I wanted to draw your attention to this month’s discussion on “What book (other than the Bible) has had the strongest impact on your life?”  It’s a good question and a tough one.  I’ve taken a jab at it and was hoping some of you would as well. So when you get a few minutes to reflect on the question write your thoughts out over there.

What are your favorite Quaker books?
Reflecting on your influences