The Minister’s Work (George Fox)

The minister’s work is to go from house
to house and warn all both small and great,
yea, with tears.

This is the word of the ministry in the Spirit –
In the Spirit that gave forth the scriptures
and so brought people into the life

that gave them forth, with which
they were able to instruct one another,
and to stir up the pure in one another.

The work of the apostles, the ministers
of the gospel, and Christ, was to bring people people
into the life that gave forth the scriptures,

and into the substance, Christ Jesus, that
the scripture testified of. But you who are fain
to seek the life and the substance in the letter,

in the letter of scripture for it
and have it not from within,
and never like to beget to God.

George Fox (quoted in THS Wallace Have Salt In Yourselves 2010: 67)