The Daily Scribe: New Religion Blog Community and Aggregator

I have received the priviledge to join Shawn Anthony from Lo-Fi Tribe in a new venture called the Daily Scribe.  Shawn, formerly a member of the largely popular 9rules blogging community, has decided to leave his post there as religion community leader to start his own venture at Scribe.

Because I am really excited about what shawn is trying to do with thisgroup, I thought I would help to explain a little bit about it and why I like it.

What is The Daily Scribe?

Quite simple the Daily Scribe is a weblog community for religious writers, but not just any religious writers some of the most passionate and “best religion writers” around.

Shawn said, “My hope is that “The Daily Scribe!??? will in time become a serious,
mature and leading resource for readers searching for quality
religious, philosophy, and political content.”

Scribe is looking for people who love to write, who stay focused on their topics creating usable content for the web, and who have credentials to be writing.  In other words you will find people who are scholars, pastors, professional writers and people committed to their various faiths writing from their tradition’s points of view.

How do I use it?

If you visit the site you will see a list of posts, currently the site works chronologically.  The site updates about once an hour so everytime someone in the community writes a new blog entry on their own site, that newest post goes to the top of Scribe’s page.  If you click on any of the links from the post they will take you to the originating site.  It is feeding off of its authors and presenting it to you the reader in an easily accesible way.

Who can get in?   And why should I really want to?

Anyone can apply to become a part of the community, if you think you might be a good fit for the community then drop in and apply.  There are many reasons why one should consider joining a blog community like Scribe – a lot of them have to do with helping you grow in friendships, as a a writer and thinker.  It also helps your blog gain accessibility, ranking, readership and feedback (something most bloggers love and hate).

Why do we need the Daily Scribe?

We need a place like Scribe because there are not many religion blog communities out there trying to reach the breadth that Scribe is trying to.  There are also not many blogging religion communities out there that are being run by people who are professional theologians.  Because of these two reasons, Scribe will seek to set a higher standard for “content” blogging and religious interaction on the web.

Will the Scribe Succeed?

Shawn is enthusiastic enough to get just about anything off the ground, and I am right along side him in excitment for this project — ambition goes a really long way in this world.  The rest of the way to succeeding as a blog network will be to gain exposure for the network site itself.  We also need to find great religious bloggers; the more passionate well-written people we can have join the better off the site will be.  There is no telling what kinds of things are possible when people pull together and work out a project like this.

What causes things like this to fail is when one or two people control everything and don’t allow others, who know what they are doing, have the freedom to do that thing well.

Why do you like it?

What I like about it is the possibility to grow out further with gathering in light.  I also like the direction that Shawn is taking it in, it is meant to be a pluralistic meeting ground.  Currently there are Quakers, Mennonites, Jews, Emerging Churches and Unitarians represented on the site.  We don’t agree on everything theologically, and we don’t have to, our common ground is our love for our faiths, our love for sharing our faith, and our love from blogging about it.

So I encourage you to bookmark Scribe, grab its feed, or apply to become a part of it and watch it grow!

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