the cream of the top

I tend to get excited about simple things. And then I try to wear them out, or at least this is what emily tells me I do. But anyways, she turned me on to this whole “cream top” phenomena as I like to call it, and frankly its revolutionizing my life. You really need to try it. Brown Cow is a good brand, like it or leave it.

I have actually finished my rough draft of my writing project this weekend. It’s 85 pages really kicked my butt. I can’t believe that I finished it, to be honest I thought I may never do it. Of course the tough part is editing it, and making it into a cohesive whole. This is my least favorite part. Anyways I happy with it, and glad its over.

Not only did I finish that, but I also finished the wedding video I was making. It is my second paid gig for video this one bringing in $250. I actually feel like I am getting paid for what I worked this time around, how interesting…

So now my last big task is to perform my sister’s wedding this coming weekend in Ohio. After that is done, I am very nervous about it, I will have finished all my big projects and will just be a normal person again!!! no school, just work at the bookstore and teacher’s assistant stuff. Then I will begin applying for PhD programs as Emily and I try to discern where the Lord is leading once again. This is the hard part for us. I also hope to begin to re-incorporate some creativity into my life beginning with practicing my guitar and writing a new batch of folk songs. FOLKS SONGS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.