Dress Down Friday – Tetris-Like Quinn Gets Updated


One of my absolute favorite mac games, Quinn, has been updated into a really nice sleek new version that is universal binary and has a number of great new features. This freeware game is worth downloading and checking out. We all need a break from time to time!

If you’re like me and have more than one Quinn fan in the house (Emily and I both love it), and have at least two mac’s easily accessible on your home network then you really need to try out the network game play.

I had a hard time getting it to work at first until I read these directions:

To configure Mac OS X’s software firewall:
Open the System Preferences, and go to the Sharing pane.
Select the Firewall tab.
Click the New… button.
In the dialog that appears, choose Other as Port Name. Enter “31459-31463″ as TCP port numbers, and leave the field for UDP port numbers empty. In the description field, type an easily recognized name for the service, e.g. “Quinn server.”
Click OK.

Check it out here — http://simonhaertel.de/

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