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  • Tradition is tending the flame…

  • The Testimony of Witness

    This is my sermon from Sunday. If you’d like a little background to this, you can check out yesterday’s post “In Search of a New Frame for Evangelism and Mission.” This is my attempt at an initial response to the questions I raised there.

  • More Yoder on Faithfulness and Tradition

    I’ve been working through a number of John Howard Yoder’s texts in the last week, reading what he had to say about ecumenicism and tradition within the “Radical Free-Church.” Here are a few quotes that really stood out to me from his essay in The Priestly Kingdom called, “The Authority of Tradition.” One thing I […]

  • John Howard Yoder on Authority and Tradition

    A blog I read fairly often has been posting quotes from Yoder’s essay on tradition, they’re worth sharing here, plus you might as well check out INHABITATIO DEI. “We are not talking about ‘the authority of tradition’ as if tradition were a settled reality and we were then to figure out how it works. We […]