Tag: Fireweed

  • Fire-Flowers by Emily Pauline Johnson

    Fire-FlowersAnd only where the forest fires have sped,    Scorching relentlessly the cool north lands, A sweet wild flower lifts its purple head,  And, like some gentle spirit sorrow-fed,   It hides the scars with almost human hands. And only to the heart that knows of grief,  Of desolating fire, of human pain, There comes some purifying sweet belief,  Some fellow-feeling beautiful, if brief.   And life […]

  • We Are Fireweed

    This was the message I shared at our first “All Community Worship” at Guilford College since before the pandemic. I am grateful for this opportunity to building multifaith community on Campus. The Quaker roots of Guilford College allows for and nourishes this rich tapestry of religious identities to thrive at the college. I believe like […]

  • Seth Martin on Fireweed and Advent

    The fireweed flower loves the hurting and dying places. It helps to heal the ground… During Advent, I want to remember that the frozen soil never forgets Spring. I want to never forget the light within, and the reality of Jesus in all life, and live into Heaven here and now, as it is, and […]