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  • Homo Sacer and Civilized Racism?

    In Slavoj Zizek’s book on September 11, “Welcome to the Desert of The Real,” he discusses the idea behind Homo sacer, in order to describe the kind of racism we often find within our society today. The Homo sacer: is an obscure figure of Roman law: a person who is banned, may be killed by […]

  • Church in Mission: Post-Christendom, Effectiveness and Reshaping Ethics Pt4

    Series contents | Introduction | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five According to John Howard Yoder, one aspect that distinguishes this bi-cultural faith community we call the Christian church from the world is it’s insistence upon being non-coercive. This point of view has major implications not only for the mission […]

  • Church in Mission: Translation and The Bi-Lingual Community (Pt.3)

    This is the third part of the Church in Mission series where I am attempting to appropriate some of John Howard Yoder’s thinking in direct relationship to the mission of the church in our culture today. Series contents | Introduction | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five So far we’ve […]

  • An Emerging Profession: Sharing Power In A Flattened World

    Drew Ditzel asked me, along with a number of other bloggers (see below), to participate in a project he is doing for his class on emerging models of church at Columbia Seminary. Drew wants us to write about emerging churches and how they are dealing with leadership – mainly through giving everyone a voice, downplaying […]

  • Church in Mission: Culture and Jesus The Missionary Pt 2.

    This post is a part of a series where I am addressing the church’s mission as it pertains (or doesn’t) to relevancy within culture. I am trying to build the majority of discussion around John Howard Yoder’s work in his “For the Nations.” Series contents | Introduction | Part Two | Part Three | Part […]