Small Group Discussion Guide for “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction”

Over the course of the summer a small group at Camas Friends Church worked through Ben Pink Dandelion’s “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction.” The book is honestly a little deceiving. It is short, but the font is also small and it is packed full with tons of information. So while it is short, it is by no means simple. Our that started out as 20 folks ended as 6 and I think some of that has to do with the segregation between interest and real-life obligations, and part of it has to do with the sunshine. Something we celebrate whenever its rays shine down.

We did the small group over the course of six meetings. We met every other week, everyone came having read, and I lead the discussion based on a variety of questions I wrote up based on the chapters (below). We also had people break into smalls groups and share and then at the end I would take questions.I really enjoyed being in this group. I felt like there was a lot of interest in learning more about the Quaker tradition and it was an opportunity to do a mini Quaker history class for people in our church. I hope to do more in the future. Another of the really fun things about doing the book this summer is that Ben is preaching during our meeting for worship at the end of this month. And so knowing this added an element of interest to what we were doing.

Download The Guide

Here is a link to the Small Group Discussion Guide I’ve put together for the book.

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