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Just the other day, a new service became available:  It is a service that pays bloggers to review websites and products.

It’s similar to many things that already happen now, where bloggers get sent books and other products for free in lieu of writing reviews about those items.  The thing I like about this service specifically is that it matches your interests and allows for you to exercise the right to say yes or no to an item, much like Text Link Ads.

My blog was “pre-approved” and so I will be trying it out.  Thus this post, which I will be paid to write.  I am excited about the possibilities of earning a little extra cash for doing something I love to do. (Though my favorite still is getting free books to review).

[rant] I will certainly be careful about the things I blog about as I am not trying to trick anyone about what’s happening here.  I write about my life as a scholar, Christian, and activist – I am not trying to get rich from my blog.  But I am trying earn a little money for my book expenses.  With that in mind trust that I won’t be trying to slip you anything.  If I blog about something you’ll know that it’s a review, and I will try to make sure that the products I blog about actually have something to do with the larger purposes of this site. I guess I am just urging myself (and others) to be careful to not become a walking billboard.[/rant]

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So by signing up, your blog can be found by companies and asked to review products.  Currently they are covering all kinds of products and topics.  So if you’re interested in reviewing products and sites jump over to review me.
As Paul says,

ReviewMe is a service that takes the power of blogs to heart. Any blogger can become a member on the site and list their blog. ReviewMe automatically checks a number of factors such as Technorati rank, Alexa rank and number of subscribers to come up with a price for advertisers.
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